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Small wooden church pedestal By Furniture ART Company

Church Pulpits

Church Pulpits from the most simple to any intrecae design you can imagine. We can manufacture, Install and Design any type of Pulpits you can think of. Within your Budget!

Church Bench with back leg rest By Furniture ART Company

Church Benches

Our church benches/pews have one big advantage over older ones: they are ergonomically designed to give extra support and comfort. Aswell as giving you the option to send us any design.

Church Bench Slight back curve By Furniture ART Company


Have some antique Vhurch Benches? How about a broken Pulpit. If there is any damage we can repair or re-create the furniture for you!

With thirty years of success, Furniture Art Company (formerly known as Sleeper Corner CC) has been a leader in the woodworking industry for many decades. Established by DF Jacobs in 1992, their expertise and craftsmanship have enabled them to complete some truly remarkable projects over the years.

Church Pulpit By Furniture ART Company
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