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Masterful Bars and Pubs

Sophisticated Social Spaces: Unveiling Unparalleled Interior Designs for Bars and Pubs.

Thirty Years of Crafting Excellence: Furniture Art Company, formerly known as Sleeper Corner CC, boasts over three decades of expertise in the woodworking industry. Our journey reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation in creating pubs and bars that stand out.

Diverse Range of Bars and Pubs

Proudly South African, Furniture Art Company serves the vibrant community with quality craftsmanship. Our pubs and bars are not just furniture pieces; they are a testament to our dedication and passion for excellent design.

English Style Bar By Furniture ART Company
Stomp / Solid Wood Bar By Furniture ART Company

Made To Fit!

All our pubs get manufactured after taking detailed measurements and design’s of what you want then manufactured by a highly skilled team and installed!

Exquisite Bars and Pubs for Every Taste:

Irish, Coffee, and More – Furniture Art Company

Designer Bars: Sophisticated and elegant, our designer bars are perfect for both homes and businesses, crafted to exceed your highest expectations.

Irish Pubs: Delve into the authentic charm of Ireland with our classic Irish pubs, designed to offer a genuine slice of Irish heritage and warmth.

Coffee Bars: Tailored for coffee lovers, our coffee bars merge contemporary design with functionality, ideal for creating inviting spaces in homes or cafes.

Customization and Personal Touch: We excel in customization, ensuring every bar or pub we craft aligns perfectly with your vision and style.

Efficient Delivery Service: Enjoy the convenience of custom-fitted bars delivered to your doorstep, highlighting our commitment to quality service.

Custom Designs to Elevate Your Space

Pubs and Bars Styles by Furniture Art Company

Rustic Bars: Immerse in the wilderness charm with our Rustic Bars. Ideal for game lodges or rustic-themed spaces, these bars give you that authentic bush look you love.

English Style Pubs: Experience the elegance of Victorian England. Our English Style Pubs feature sophisticated carvings, stained glass, and classic canopies – perfect for creating a refined atmosphere.

Custom Engraved Pubs: Personalize your space with our Beautifully Engraved Pubs. From your favorite sports team’s logo to your family crest, we can engrave any design to make your bar uniquely yours.

Shop Fittings: Enhance your restaurant or club with our custom-made bars and counters. From cozy small bars to grandiose bar counters, we tailor each piece to fit your specific needs and aesthetic.

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