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Wood Working

Who We Are

With thirty years of success, Furniture Art Company (formerly known as Sleeper Corner CC) has been a leader in the woodworking industry for many decades. Established by DF Jacobs in 1992, their expertise and craftsmanship have enabled them to complete some truly remarkable projects over the years.

From custom-made wooden furniture to dekking and panelling, there’s seemingly no limit to what they can create with quality material! In 2019, after carefully considering how best to showcase their capabilities on an even larger scale – both locally and abroad – Furniture Art Company underwent a rebranding exercise; ensuring that potential clients could easily discover all that this esteemed company had achieved during its three decade long journey.

Numbers Speak For Themselves

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What We Do


The furniture art company sketches furniture according to customers’ specifications. Sketchers can sit down with the client while browsing through a wide selection of previous designs or project images, which allow the client to gather some inspiration and then sketch a detailed sketch of the client’s desired design after receiving feedback from the client.


Our factory is capable of producing any type of wooden furniture you can imagine. From kitchens and bars to pool tables and cupboards, our highly skilled personnel can craft whatever you need. We specialize in custom orders, so if you have something specific in mind, just let us know and we’ll make it happen.


Because Furniture Art Company is able to produce so many unique types of furniture and has over 30 years of experience, we can handle most wood furniture repairs to some degree, whether a handmade leg is broken or a table is broken in half.


Some furniture needs more than just being unpacked or put in its place. Kitchens, bars, built-in cabinets are just a few of the custom installation jobs Furniture Art Company performs with a highly skilled team. Furniture Art Company can perfectly fit the furniture we make into any space while making on-site changes for unforeseen circumstances.
In addition, Furniture Art Company also performs flooring, panelling, and furniture removal and installation services
Furniture Art Company has designed, manufactured and installed furniture throughout the country and outside of the country. Some of the projects the company has completed include a resort in Saudi Arabia, the Parliament of Lesotho, the church where ANC was founded, many other churches, government buildings, schools, restaurants, guest houses and private homes.

Detailed List of What We Have Done

There is much more that we have done and can do! 

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