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As a proud South African furniture manufacturer, we proudly provide our services and goods to the vibrant community of this beautiful country. We are dedicated to providing quality pieces for customers everywhere!

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Our Designer Furniture

We have been involved in many unique projects.

To name some of these unique projects and Designer Furniture include:

  1. Lesotho Parliament.
  2. Nofa Resort Riyad Saudi
  3. Arabia.
  4. Mapikela House South Africa
  5. Wesleyan Church South Africa
  6. Pella Grasa Stables and Guesthouse Douglas South Africa
  7. Nico Oosthuisen South Africa

Lesotho Parliament National Assembly

Location: Maseru Kingdom of Lesotho
Client: Lesotho Parlement
Start date: May 2012
End date: August 2012
Budget: R 1 300 000.00
Narrative/ Description: Design and manufacturing of parliament furniture.

Nofa Resort Riyad Saudi Arabia

Client: HRH/Prince Sultan Bin Mohammed Bin Saud Al Kabeer.
Start date: 2008
End date: 2009
Budget: R 12 000 000.00
Narrative/ Description of project: Design, manufacture and export furniture, décor, floors, wall art and curtains for first African styled resort in Riyad, Saudi Arabia.
Description of services: Designing, Manufacturing, project management, fabric selection, planning, budgeting, sourcing, and installation.

Was completed and shipped!

Mapikela House South Africa

Client: Freestate Arts, Sport, and Culture
Value: R 400 000
Narrative: Restoration of Mapikela house.

Wesleyan Church South Africa

Client: Free State Arts, Sport, and Culture.

Start date: November 2012
End date: May 2013
Narrative: Restoration of Wesleyan Church.

Pella Grasa Stables and Guesthouse Douglas South Africa

Client: Steyn diamonds
Value: R 800 000
Narrative: Design, manufacturing and installation of furniture.

Nico Oosthuisen South Africa House

Value: R 2 400 000.00
Narrative: Design, manufacturing, and installation of furniture to clients

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