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As a proud South African furniture manufacturer, we proudly provide our services and goods to the vibrant community of this beautiful country. We are dedicated to providing quality pieces for customers everywhere!

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About Us

For over thirty years, the Furniture Art Company, originally Sleeper Corner CC, has stood as a towering figure in the woodworking industry. Founded by DF Jacobs in 1992, the company has consistently demonstrated exceptional expertise and craftsmanship through numerous remarkable projects. The most notable among these is the Parliament building in Lesotho, showcasing their extensive capabilities. As time passed, the company recognized the need to broaden its horizons and effectively display its achievements. Therefore, in 2019, the Furniture Art Company embarked on a strategic rebranding initiative, aimed at enhancing their visibility and accessibility. This move was crucial for making it easier for both local and international clients to recognize and appreciate the extensive accomplishments of their thirty-year journey. Significantly, the Furniture Art Company has become a key player in the Bloemfontein region, solidifying its esteemed legacy in the industry.


Doors ~ Kitchen Furniture ~ Dining Room Furniture ~ Bars / Pubs ~ Bedroom Furniture ~ Office & Library Furniture ~ Staircases ~ Grandfather Clocks ~ Living Room Furniture ~ Plasma Units ~ Chairs ~ Pool Tables ~ Church Furniture.



Whether you’re in the process of designing your dream home or looking to update an existing space, our extensive range of custom-made and pre-manufactured doors is guaranteed to provide the ideal finishing touch. Catering to a variety of styles, we are equipped to assist you in creating a unique and statement-making entrance that perfectly aligns with your vision!

Kitchen Furniture

Our Kitchen Furniture and kitchen cabinets truly embody the essence of dreamlike quality! Allow us to lead you on an extraordinary journey, where we meticulously design and craft your unique Kitchen Furniture, all within the heart of South Africa. Throughout this process, your satisfaction remains our utmost priority, assured through our commitment to top-notch quality, unparalleled service, and the expert installation of kitchen cabinets and designer kitchens.
Kitchen Furniture ART Company
Dining Room Furniture

Dining Rooms

Our dining room furniture-making experts have skillfully crafted a stunning selection of dining room tables, each meticulously designed to cater to all your home needs. With our diverse range of seating options, from 6 to 12, or even 20-seater tables, you can create the perfect atmosphere for your dinner parties. These tables are fully customizable, allowing you to tailor them to your specific preferences. Whether your taste leans towards contemporary chic or timeless traditional designs, our skilled team is committed to bringing your dream table into reality.

Bars / Pubs

Undoubtedly, our Designer Bars and Irish Pubs are a true showcase of distinguished craftsmanship. Our team individually crafts each bar, ensuring it perfectly mirrors the unique style you envisioned for your dream home. We tailor these custom-fitted bars to meet your specific requirements and conveniently deliver them right to your doorstep. This process not only embodies elegance but also personalization in every aspect of the design, seamlessly blending functionality with your individual aesthetic preferences.
Irish Bar/Pub By Furniture ART Company
Bedroom Furniture ART Company

Bedroom Furniture

Transform your home into an inviting and luxurious retreat with our beautiful designer Bedroom Furniture sets. Our exquisite pieces provide the perfect combination of comfort and style, allowing you to relax in a tranquil atmosphere that’s tailored just for you. From bespoke Bedroom Furniture cupboards to dressing tables – we craft all types of Bedroom Furniture from scratch so no dream is too big or small!

Office or Library

Our well-thought out workstation designs ensure that professionals have the support and resources they need to perform outstanding feats of productivity. Our comprehensive selection includes special desks, expansive file storage, comfy furnishings, and more – all tailored for optimal success in any professional environment!

Study Furniture ART Company
Black Wood Stairs By Furniture ART Company


Let Designer Staircases transform your staircase from a simple utilitarian feature into an exquisite centerpiece of the home! Our team of designers will collaborate with you every step along the way – from concept to creation – helping make your stair-building fantasies come true. With our expertise and superior quality, let us bring sophistication to any setting through unparalleled craftsmanship.

Grandfather Clocks

Our Grand Father Clocks are meticulously crafted to be timeless masterpieces, boasting beautiful designs and increasing in value over time.

Grandfather Clock By Furniture ART Company
Tv Stand Furniture ART Company

Living Room

At Plasma Units and Lounges, we specialize in transforming your lounge area into a stylish repose with our amazing lineup of affordable plasma units! From tiny TVs to the biggest on the market – whatever your vision may be, let us help you bring it to life.


Whether you’re looking for a traditional Bar Chair, an inviting Lounge chair, or a Dining Room set fit for royalty — our professional craftspeople are here to bring your vision of the perfect seating solution to life. Even if all that’s left is broken pieces – no worries! Our team can create completely customized replicas from scratch. Let us help give your space some serious style and comfort today.

Parliament Chair By Furniture ART Company
Furniture ART Company Pool Table

Pool Tables

At Pool & Table, we specialize in creating the perfect gaming experience for you. Whether it’s pool or snooker – whatever table game your heart desires – our team of experts are dedicated to constructing a tailored product that meets all your needs and exceeds expectations. If there is something special you have been dreaming up, let us know! We would love to hear from you.

Church Furniture

As a proud provider of comfortable and affordable church furniture designs in South Africa, we are delighted to offer our services for your church. With decades worth of experience under our belt, you can be sure that no detail will go unnoticed when it comes to crafting the perfect sanctuary.

Church Pulpit By Furniture ART Company

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Create the perfect living space for your needs with our extensive selection! We provide free quotes, so don’t wait to get started transforming your dream home today.

Furniture ART Company

Happy Clients

Dawie built a pub for me based on photos I sent him from overseas. It all went seamless, he understood exactly what I wanted and whole experience was a joy, resulting in the most beautiful pub I’ve ever seen.
Alex Pretorius
There work was professional. Work was finished on time. Dawie and his team walked the extra mile to get the work done perfectly and went out of their way to complete the work even doing extra tasks that was not part of the job they had to do to get the task completed perfectly. I would recommend Furniture Art Company if you want any wood work or cupboards or furniture made to your specifications.
Desireé Coetzee

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